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List of States for Boat Hauling
We haul in ALL States & Canada, including:

Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Florida, Texas, California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Ontario, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana, Ohio, Arizona, Nova Scotia.

Boat Hauling Rates

Boat hauling prices are figured simply by origin and width

  • From the West origins are $1.50 base rate per mile and From the East, from the North, from the South are $2.50 up to 8’6” *Based on an average boat haul of 2000 miles.

  • Add $.25 per mile  for each over-width increment of 9,10,11 and up to 12 feet (rounded up or down to closest increment).

Here is a chart of these boat hauling rates per mile:

Originate From
the WEST
Originate From
the EAST
over 12 per analysis per analysis
12’ $2.50/mile $3.50/mile
11’ $2.25/mile $3.25/mile
10’ $2.00/mile $3.00/mile
9’ $1.75/mile $2.75/mile
Legal up to 8’6” $1.50/mile $2.50/mile

Multiply Rate x Miles = Shipping Cost
MapQuest Mileage Calculator
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Boats over 20,000 lbs.  I will provide a class 8 truck for you through a select number of carriers personally approved by Boat Hauling US LLC.

Here is an example of a rate calculation:

Hauling a sailboat from Bellingham, WA to Montauk, NY which is 11 ft wide:

  • West origin = $1.50/mile base rate
  • 11ft wide = +$.75/mile (9,10,11 ft)
  • Equals = $2.25/mile total.
  • Times number of miles (3000) = $6,750 total shipping cost

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