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Boathauling U.S., Minnesota
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List of States for Boat Hauling
We haul in ALL States & Canada, including:

Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Florida, Texas, California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Ontario, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana, Ohio, Arizona, Nova Scotia.

The Business of Boat Hauling

From my experience I can analyze your haul and submit an instant bid with one phone call. My insurance certificate can be provided upon request. My authority is of record. Notice that there are no bad reviews on the web regarding Boat Hauling US. I have no damage claims on my record as of June 2013.

My freight bills are paid C.O.D. or wire transfer in transit. C.O.D. payments are to be cashier’s checks made payable to Boat Hauling US LLC. Deposits or down payments are figured by me and are on a case by case basis. I carry base insurance of $300,000. See Boat Hauling Rate page for details. .

To prepare your boat, personally measure the length, height and width. Measure the mast. Remove all personal items. They are not insured. Take pictures. Drain fuel. Wrap the mast and rigging.


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